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The Derbyshire Pie & Co is an artisan producer of chef quality, handmade savoury pies for the pub, restaurant, hotel, cafe, deli, farm shop and retail market.

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Our Story

The Derbyshire Pie & Co, is born out of a friendship of two young chefs Matt Campbell and Matthew Knowles, both having met whilst working throughout the Peak District in High end Michelin star and 3 rosettes Hotels and Restaurants. Both have also worked as freelance Chef consultants for a number of large venues and operations.

They discovered a bond over quality products and using local ingredients and decided it was time to fill the void they found whilst working within gastro pubs etc, also finding a need for these same products in the Farm Shop, Deli and retail Markets. After much searching, the Derbyshire Pie & Co LLP was born.


Our Pies…

We make delicious pies, packed to the brim with filling of quality sourced ingredients and encased with a divine short crust pastry.

All pies are individual, allowing for excellent presentation and plate presence. Good shelf life, 9 days from production, suitable for freezing. They look great and taste great in our humble opinion.

Try them, the proof is in the pudding (or the pie in this case!)

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